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Popular Mail-Order Bride Scams: How Not To Get Into Foreign Girls Scams

Mail-order brides can give you the most wonderful experience in love. But, not every person you meet online should be trusted. Remember this, every time you log into your account, there's some cute foreign girl scam waiting to take advantage of you. This happens more with gullible people. You’ll continue abiding by what all your girl asks you, and without even realizing, become an easy target of a scam. Nevertheless, the mail order brides sites have taken several measures to keep these fraudsters at bay. Be aware and learn how to avoid getting into a mail-order bride scam.

Important facts about scams

If you observe carefully, you'll see a majority of the population from the West believes in the notion of love. While the positivity is charming, it can also be a ticket for scammers to fool gullible people. A recent study showed that in 2018 over 21 000 people fell prey to online scams. The impostors were successful in duping money from these people and also exploited them emotionally. While this definitely is not exciting, a little attention to detail could have prevented them from being a victim of such scams.

foreign brides scams

So, are all mail-order brides scams? How do some people fall for these traps so easily while others avoid such threats and issues conveniently? Despite the presence of threats like frauds and scams, the hope of finding love online doesn’t end. It doesn't discourage users from meeting people online as most love stories nowadays begin from such platforms. All you need is an awareness of how to make the best of these platforms and fall in love. Keep reading to understand how you can avoid getting scammed.

How many mail-order brides websites are scam?

Thanks to the security system of these websites, the mail-order brides sites are not scams. But you might find users who’ll try to take undue advantage of your innocence. Most mail-order brides authorize members only if they seem genuine. These websites also lay certain guidelines to follow when it comes to saving yourself from scammers. Time and again, these platforms have also been successful in identifying the scammers in their communities and blocked them.

How do scammers work?

The first thing any scammer can do is, create a fake profile. The profiles are designed such that you'd be lured into it. At first, it'll seem totally enticing. They can either come up with a fictional personality or impose the identity of someone more popular. In a relatively shorter period of time, you'll find these scammers express themselves emotionally. More often, you'll face compliments which would seem quite far-fetched. Then, they'll ask you to move from the website to a more intricate medium. It can be through phones, instant messaging, or personal emails. Another thing to note is, they'll always claim to be from a Western country but working abroad.

The next thing they do is gain your trust. They'll share personal details about their life. They'll also try to make you share personal stories. Some may even send you gifts to create an impression. Some fake women trying to scam guys take months of time to build this trust. They'll pretend to book flights but will never actually arrive. Once they've gained your trust, they'll ask you very subtly for favors. The favors include asking for money or credit cards. Some go to the extent of asking for intimate pictures to blackmail you later. They'll place all sorts of reasons to compel you to transfer funds. In some cases, these scammers are a part of international criminal circuits. Such cases can even lead to unimaginable travesties.

How to avoid mail-order brides scams?

Are foreign wives a scam? Sometimes they are but you can always avoid them. Wondering how? Here are a few red alerts. If you come across any situation like these, be alert. It might raise a red flag for you. So, how can you avoid mail order bride scams? For starters, never send your money to anyone. Don’t listen to a bride who wants money. She'll give compelling reasons, like a sick family member, money for medicine, flight cancellation, or anything which would seem important. Internet bride scams will go to the point of making you feel guilty for not helping, but you have to be stronger.

The best thing to move on is to delete such unsolicited texts from fraudsters which demand money or any kind of token from you. The website will already have all the data needed to check into the fraudster's profile. So, it's better if you remove it. Removing the texts would help you heal from the deceit and also keep them from texting you again.

Don't provide any sensitive data about you to anyone. The only way you can be sure about the person is when you've met them for real and have spent enough time to understand them. Information can be used against you in many ways. So, it's better to keep it private.

Don't purchase tickets for them or hand money for tickets. If your woman wants to see you, let her make it happen. Scamming people by asking them for tickets is one of the oldest, yet most popular tricks. Be wary of it.

What to do when you encounter a scammer?

When you encounter a mail-order brides scammers organization, you'll hit an intuition. More often than not, you'll realize there's something fishy about the woman. So, you need to take charge of how to deal with these females.

Cut whatever contacts you have with the fraudster. You need to block them on all social platforms in case you've communicated. Blocking them would pass the message, you're no longer going to be a victim of their criminal activities.

Receipts help massively in this digital world. Keep screenshots of your conversation with the scammer. This way you'll have enough proof about them. Most scammers end up blackmailing the victim, and hence, it's important you've got all the necessary evidence.

Don't forget to report this to the support team of the venue. In doing so, you're helping them reevaluate the website and build a stronger security system. Plus, the site will be more than happy to help you and make a good reputation out of it.