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Difference Between Mail Order Brides And Online Dating Websites

People often stumble across the confusion between mail order brides sites and online dating. Knowing which is a dating site and mail order brides website is important. To be clear, both are unique dating systems which are different from each other.

Right from how they're run to how much they cost, all are crucial points to observe before you decide upon a method to enter into a relationship. Here’s a detailed analysis to help you go through the major points.

mail order bride vs online dating

How are they managed?

Mail order brides platforms are more convenient than online dating sites. On mail order bride sites, the accounts are verified and the profiles have published details about the interests and passion of the users. Ladies look forward to connecting with foreign men. When a man shows interest in a profile, the woman can accept or reject his invitation to chat. Thereafter, a relationship begins to satisfy the needs of both parties. In online dating, there’re lots of barriers which slow down the process of building a relationship.

Furthermore, mail order brides sites don’t waste time by complicating the process of establishing a relationship. Both parties in such an arrangement know the purpose of connecting with each other and where they want things to go. Online dating lacks this certainty. There's an unclarity between people about what they're expecting. This is why mail order brides are more favored in comparison to online dating.

The availability of varieties

It's true that onilne dating websites face larger traffic than mail order brides websites. But, does having larger traffic always ensure success? Not really. Because it can affect your growth in the relationship adversely. First, due to the larger traffic, there’s a higher chance of facing the problem of scammers. Mail order brides websites keep this issue at bay by making registration mandatory for all its members.

Second, a larger audience means more distractions. Mail order websites have thousands of members but with advanced matchmaking technology. So, even with less traffic, as compared to online dating, there are more chances for you to meet the one.

Profiles are published only by women

Mail order bride websites allow only women to publish profiles. You'll find thousands of pages with interesting accounts. All men need to do is pick ones that match their interests. They can easily enter relationships with these women when the ladies accept their proposal. On a dating website, everyone has to build up a profile. This can be quite a hassle for successful men who don't have much time to give. At the same time, there’s no guarantee that the profile you clicked on a dating website is also looking for marriage. Hence, mail order brides websites come as a greater relief for those looking for serious relationships.

Family values

This is a striking point in mail order brides vs online dating. Family values matter on a mail order brides website. Most men on mail order bride venues are in search of women who value family a lot. Because the ultimate goal is to find the ideal wife, ethics and morals are given high importance. This is quite unlike dating sites which enjoy carelessness and unattached bondings. You'll rarely find people on dating websites looking for an ideal spouse to run a home. Hence, you can say the dating site is a little juvenile as compared to the maturity of mail order brides platforms.

Cost differences

This aspect is quite obvious to point out. The credits and membership packages on mail order brides websites give a more exclusive status to its clients. There’s also a broader range of services provided there which make up for the amount. From customer care to communication services, you get to enjoy everything without any interruptions. This is also why it's worth paying the price. On the other hand, dating sites come in a cheaper range. Besides, you can choose selective features so you don't have to pay for everything or anything.

Different services offered

Is online dating like mail order brides dating? Not at all. Sure, it helps meet singles looking for partners. But, the intention, as well as the actions related to it are quite different. Online dating includes matching two people through their profiles. Potential partners are matched using their passions and interests as common denominators. There's no specific goal thereafter. But, mail order brides come with a distinct purpose. Stunning, sexy brides are matched with grooms internationally. The brides put up their profiles to suit the demands of men. It's more like an arranged serious relationship.


Right from the concept to the purpose, mail order brides and online dating are entirely two different terms. Mail order brides websites have a comparatively higher rate of having a successful love story in comparison to online dating websites. Hence, it’s sought more by people who mean to settle down without wasting time.