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Main Myths About Mail Order Brides

Let’s begin by saying mail order brides are women who list themselves on many catalogs and websites on the internet to find their ideal soul mate abroad. They’re usually from Eastern Europe: Ukraine and Russia mainly. Such dating is common for many couples and can’t surprise anyone these days. But various scams have created some myths about this topic. Let’s discuss the most spread myths about mail order brides and unravel the actual truth.

Mail order brides only go after grooms with a lot of cash

This one is probably the main mail order brides stereotype being actually overexaggerated and not even true. While there were cases when women have just hunted for money from their dating partner’s pockets, most of them have their own cash and just want to find true love. Moreover, money gets in the way of sincere dating very often, not only in the mail order bride industry.

mail order brides myths

Mail order brides lack financial independence

Most women online are in a very good financial situation and won’t depend on their second-half later on. Going on dating websites, you’ll notice many brides work in the accounting sphere, marketing, and other serious niches bringing them quite impressive income.

Foreign brides just want to emigrate to other countries

This one is a widely spread thought among foreign brides stereotypes and can easily be destroyed by just a bit of thinking. First, there are many other ways to immigrate and it’s pretty doubtable a woman would agree for sex with another person just for this. Secondly, there are immigration government portals of every country where a bride can find ways to migrate legally. So why would she make herself to live with a man she feels nothing to only to get out from her homeland?

If it sounds too good to be true — it probably is

This stereotype can be true in some cases, but what surprises you so much in looking for love on the web? People do everything through the Internet now, and getting a wife this way is only one among many options available. So what makes it impossible to find a good-looking woman with a good character online? Don’t believe those who say it’s a total scam, because they’re probably just jealous.

If it would really have results, more people would be using it

This is a completely false statement since these days a lot of people are actually using online dating and aren’t scared of it at all. In the modern world, this has become an easy way to find your second half.

As you can see, most of the main myths about mail order brides are half-true and others contain completely false information. Don’t get influenced by these thoughts and try out online dating for yourself to see what’s true and what’s not. A lot of people have already found their second halves using it, so why can’t you?