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The Latest Statistics on Mail Order Brides: Foreign Brides Divorce and Success Rates

Online dating is a pretty big trend nowadays with even more websites of this niche appearing every single day. With this topic becoming really popular, statistics can finally take place and you can find out interesting things about foreign brides. Explore the interesting numbers of mail order brides statistics below.

The mail order brides marriage rates

First, let’s look on the positive side of the industry — statistics on mail order bride marriage. You may ask yourself if love is even possible with foreign spouses and the answer is very simple — yes. Mail order brides statistic says that around 10 000 of foreign spouses marry with their dating partners in one year after the start of communication. Out of this number, 4 000 happen in the US, so the US mail order bride marriage percentage is almost 50%. If to look at the age groups, most of the brides are between 21 and 25 years old and you’ll also be able to find some younger and a bit older than that.

mail order brides statistics

Main reasons for mail order brides marriages

What are the reasons for mail order brides to desire a husband from overseas? According to US mail order bride statistics, they want to marry Americans for a better life in the educational field and for better wages. However, if you were to ask a woman about it directly, she would tell you that Americans look very cool, like movie stars and that’s why they want to marry them. Of course, none would admit marrying their dating partners because of their wealth or other factors being irrelevant in love.

Why do American men want to marry mail order brides?

What about grooms themselves? American women are mostly focused on their careers while foreign spouses just want a loving family and caring husband and easily agree to be a homemaker. The less possible reason according to the foreign wives statistics suggests they generally look more attractive to American men than women from their own country. Learn more about the reasons why men get mail-order brides.

Mail order bride success rate

Let’s get down to how many marriages actually stay successful. If to look only at the US success rates of mail order brides, they show that about 80% of those 4 000 marriages in the United States last over years without any divorces. As you can see, the success rate of mail order brides is amazing and will hopefully only rise even higher with years. You may think this only applies to America, but if to take into account that almost 50% of all the 10 000 marriages per year happen there, this mail order wife success rate may apply to other parts of the world as well.

Divorce rate of mail order brides

Let’s also talk about something much less pleasurable — divorce rate for foreign brides. Again, if to take into account only the divorce rate for foreign brides in the US in 2013 it was between 36% and 41% and gets lower with years. The numbers may seem high, but the overall divorce rate of America is 48% so mail order bride marriages are much less likely to end in a divorce. An interesting fact — according to mail order bride divorce statistics domestic abuse isn’t the most common reason for a family break up.


International dating is becoming more and more popular with already 10 000 marriages happening every year. Divorces also don’t happen very often, so these couples continue being together for the whole life. There are countless dating websites on the internet, where anyone can create a profile to have the same happy love life. You’re also free to try out this modern type of dating and maybe you’ll be among those successful stories, living the life of your dream, together with the person you always needed.