BlackPeopleMeet Review

Special Features

This platform is one of the largest online dating sites in America. It hosts more than 4.5 million active users a month. Since 2000 has been uniting couples in the United States. It was attracting eager individuals from overseas to come and meet their American love.

Women register more often on this site. So you will be able to find your stunning black mail order bride in no time! This site is suitable for everyone interested in interracial relationships and building families.

BlackPeopleMeet review

BlackPeopleMeet Sign up

The good:

  • Same sex relationships are supported
  • Excellent location accuracy
  • Upload up to 30 photos

The bad:

  • Only available for USA and Canada
BlackPeopleMeet Sign up

Registration on the site is easy and understandable for everyone. You do not have to go a long way to understand how you can become part of the community. The only thing you have to do is complete the registration box.

You have to state who you are looking for there. Then you choose your location. After you indicate your Zip Code, give your name and birth date, including your email address. Then you come up with a password.

After these initial steps, you have to write down some descriptions about yourself. State there what you like, what your goals are, your hobbies and so on. At the end upload your pictures, and you’re good to go!

BlackPeopleMeet Usability

The good:

  • Interactive design
  • Amiable atmosphere
  • Simple navigation

The bad:

  • Too many black and white colors
BlackPeopleMeet Usability

The BlackPeopleMeet website looks excellent and makes a positive first impression. The design is quite simplistic and does not overwhelm with heaps of information. The main page accentuates the best features of the organization. It makes sure every user is safe during this online dating and meeting people on the web. It does this by writing some essential points and tips on reaching your crush offline. Navigating the platform is super easy, and you will be able to get used to the outlook in a short time.

Making contact

The good:

  • Plenty of services to choose from
  • You can hear each other and laugh together

The bad:

  • Video calls are not available

Communication options on Black People Meet are indeed very diverse. You can choose the one that fits your style the best. You can chat with several people at once in a General Chat room. Or transfer your conversation to a more private environment so you can use Messages. Moreover, you can send audio and video messages to your partner and rewatch them any time you wish. You can also call your crush and talk to them on the phone. If you want to make a grand impression on the lady of your heart, you can send her gifts.

BlackPeopleMeet Profile quality

The good:

  • Check personal photos for free
  • Some users add a lot of descriptive information

The bad:

  • Appearance of empty profiles
BlackPeopleMeet Profile quality

Accounts on BlackPeopleMeet platform are fundamental if to compare them to other dating sites. You will see enough information to understand how that person looks like and more. You will see what his/her goals and beliefs are, and what their current status is. To get to know them better, you have to start a conversation. You will need to ask all the provocative questions yourself. Besides, some users would upload loads of pictures so you can check those out and ask something about it.

BlackPeopleMeet costs and prices works with a Standard membership. You pay for the time on the platform and use it without the limit. Moreover, there is a thing called tokens that allows you to use special features offered by the venue. Without them, you will not be able to boost your profile to the top of the search list. Same for getting help with beautifying your profile from the team, or sending gifts to the ladies.

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
25 Tokens
110 Tokens
280 Tokens

Free service offered by the BlackPeopleMeet is not as diverse as anyone would wish. But, you still have an opportunity to talk to someone and ask about their experience on the platform. To get the full access to the site’s best features, you have to pay for your membership.

Free services

  • The sign up
  • Browsing the profiles
  • Searching for matches
  • Messaging people offered to you by the platform

Free based services

  • Private messaging
  • Conversing in the Chat room
  • Sending audios and videos
  • Gift services
  • Checking your account statistics
  • Profile promotion

Payment options

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

BlackPeopleMeet Special Features

The good:

  • Exceptional features only available at
  • Personalized help available for users

The bad:

  • The algorithm might be biased by some special services


It is a unique feature that allows you to call your crush on the phone without actually using it. The platform offers all the necessary items to use this service. Besides, you do not have to share any personal info to call someone.

MatchMe feature

This particular service allows users to gain more recognition from fellow singles. They will appear higher in the search, and the bigger audience will notice them.


It is a unique, helpful feature. It helps those who are not as good at writing about themselves but still want to have an attractive profile. The professional team will help you show off your personal information in the best way. You can do it without adding any false data, but merely working with what you tell them about yourself.

Mobile App

The good:

  • The whole range of services available on the app

The bad:

  • May be addictive

The platform has a great application. It can fit in your routine and help you spend your time with pleasure. Modern age requires all sorts of attractive deals. BlackPeopleMeet allows you to use the venue without any difficulties.

The website has tech support and the high level of web safety and 128 SSL encryption that will keep all your transactions safe and clear.

BlackPeopleMeet Contact Information

  • Company: operated by PeopleMedia, Inc.
  • Address: 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75205, United States of America
  • Telephone: (800) 952-5210
Is BlackPeopleMeet free?

No, it is not. runs on a membership service. There every single can buy their enrollment and enjoy the sites’ best features. Due to its high demand in North America, it has implemented the payment. So every user feels satisfied with the quality of the service.

How to create a profile on BlackPeopleMeet dating website?

You have to go through the initial registration process. There you write down your necessary personal information. And you state main things like email and password. Afterward, you can add more details describing yourself. You can also upload up to 30 pictures to your profile.

How do BlackPeopleMeet credits work?

This platform does not have a credit system. It offers every client a membership option, where he can choose how long he wishes to use the site. Moreover, you can buy tokens that will give you access to special features of the venue.

Is BlackPeopleMeet safe?

Yes, it is. They operate for more than 19 years now. So the has developed strong digital walls. They protect every user. Many online security organizations collaborate with the platform. They make sure everyone is safe.

How can I delete BlackPeopleMeet profile?

Go to the settings page on your account and find the “Delete my profile button.” This action will erase your history from the venue. In case you wish to register again, you can do it using your email address.

How many members does BlackPeopleMeet have?

It’s impossible to give you a specific number of members of the site. But, we can say that daily, more than 4.5 million people are visiting the platform. It is probably the highest attendance on the dating venue so far in America nowadays.

Can I use BlackPeopleMeet anonymously?

No, you cannot. has a strict policy on the safety of every user. It involves a point that no one can use the site anonymously. The organization makes sure everyone feels at ease and secure on the platform.

How can I know that the profiles are real?

Active accounts will always be visible to other users. There will be a lot of personal information describing the person and at least a few pictures showing their life. The user will not be able to talk to you unless they have a subscription. Moreover, real profiles will have a verification sign on the main page.

Is messaging free?

No, it is not. You have to but a membership option to use communication services on the platform. But, there is a chance of you talking to fellow singles, but only those who have been offered to you by the site.

How long does it take to have my profile approved?

It is not a compulsory option on this site. Even so, it might take the help team up to 2 days to check the documentation and make a final decision on the request. With all the right data presented you should not have any problems getting a verification.