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Top 10 Muslim Dating Rules Every Man Should Know

Muslim religion is considered to have rather strict rules, and it`s important to adhere to them no matter whether you`re a man, woman, or a child. However, modern trends influence many aspects of people`s lives. Ladies raised according to the Islamic laws often take off the hijab, get a higher education, and become eligible to marry men they like. No wonder modern Muslim dating is very popular all around the globe too.

Women register on dating platforms and add their profiles, but many western men feel ambivalent about them being not aware of how to attract women of this kind. If you want to understand the peculiarities of Muslim girlfriend dating, read this article, and you`ll learn all the secrets and tips from experts on this topic.

date a muslim girl

Benefits of dating a Muslim girl

Oriental religion states strict gender rules, and women are raised with them in mind since the early years. They don`t consider career and success important and would rather pay much more attention to their families. These women are different, and it makes them especially appealing to men from other countries. What does it mean you may wonder? They have a number of outstanding benefits appreciated by males.

Direct expression of affection

Western girls enjoy flirting, and it`s difficult to solve a puzzle if she really likes you or simply plays a game. Muslim women never do that. These brides indicate their interest only to the men they`re really attracted to. Muslim girls do that in a subtle manner using body language predominantly. A lady will hardly ever pronounce this orally, but her behavior and actions speak louder than words. If she dares to stay in one room with a man or open some body parts like a face or hands wearing traditional clothes, it`s a direct sign of her affection.

Perfect housekeeper and mom

Muslim women are brought up to be excellent housewives and mothers. Man`s role in the Islamic religion is to supply a family with everything necessary, while a woman takes responsibility for raising children, keeping home in order, and cooking delicious meals. Don`t you want to feel a tasty smell of a just-cooked supper every evening?

Undeniable fidelity

Both men and women are obliged to be loyal partners to each other in Islamic culture. Betrayal is excluded since there`s strict punishment for such a behavior that can sometimes result in death for a guilty party. It means your lady will stick to fidelity for a lifetime.

No refuses in bed

Have you ever been rejected because of her headache or the absence of mood? Forget about such minor excuses with a Muslim girl. She believes it`s her job to satisfy a husband as well as possible each time he wishes that. Naturally, we don`t live in the times of sultans and harems. But even nowadays, women put a lot of effort to get the necessary knowledge and experience to please their partners in the best way.

Men feel honored

The latest feministic viewpoints make men equal to women in all spheres. If you can`t agree with that, pay attention to a woman raised with Islamic views. These ladies are born to cherish partners: they aren`t allowed to ask or expect anything. Even if she`s disappointed with something, there are high chances to keep everything inside for her and never share it with anyone.

Why is Muslim dating etiquette special?

The key point all men should remember about dating Muslim women is an inability to judge all them by one rule. There are many Islamic countries, and the degree of religious views is different in each of them. Some are more democratic like Turkey or Lebanon, for example. The application of Sharia law is especially strict in such countries as Libya, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, and Yemen. It means dating women from the latest countries can be more challenging and specific.

One more thing to remember about Muslim women is not only their origin but also culture and traditions. Each of them will definitely bring changes to your customary life, so flexibility from your side seems to be a necessity.

Many males wonder how to date a Muslim girl, but these ladies have their own attitude to dating. Previously, it was unacceptable even to use this word in speech, while any communication with men was called "talking" or "getting to know." However, it`s no longer a problem since many female representatives of Islamic countries have already approved online dating, and it has become a normal thing too.

muslim dating etiquette

Muslim women dating dos and don`ts

It seems men know everything how to draw women`s attention, but flowers, gifts, and gentlemen`s behavior aren`t enough for a Muslim girl. If you want to avoid rough mistakes and have a clear understanding of how to get a Muslim girl to like you, these dos and don`ts can help you.

    • Do act as a man in every situation. It`s worth saying even if your Muslim girlfriend drove a car to your date, and you continue going somewhere together, it`s the man`s responsibility to drive it.
    • Do search for these women online on trusted dating platforms. Currently, many women follow only some rules of the Sharia law and keep up with the Joneses.
    • Do focus on cultural aspects, first of all. Many girls accept Western standards even despite their religion, but their views about relationships, family, sex may differ depending on their national traditions.
    • Do start with the research about the country and people living there. All Muslims are absolutely different, so you should be prepared and armed with facts, not rumors or prejudices.
    • Do remember about Islamic eating habits, and avoid contradictory topics in communication. Pork isn`t acceptable, so not only restaurant meals should be chosen carefully but also topics to be neutral.
    • Don`t ask her to use contraceptives. It`s entirely man`s responsibility.
    • Don`t try to approach a Muslim lady in the country of her living. Usually, women are protected and followed by male members of their families.
    • Don`t chat with her at the traditional time of prayers or Ramadan: she won`t respond. Exceptions are possible unless she`s very religious.
    • Don`t play with her. These women look for serious relationships and aren`t ready to waste their time for fun. Show your persistence and deep interest in her personality.

If you think dating a Muslim woman is challenging, relax and start browsing girls` profiles. Naturally, you should be more attentive and learn more about the traditions she was raised in. But it`s also more exciting and adventurous to polish this outstanding precious stone. Hopefully, you`ll get one to your collection of treasures too!